At Circulon, innovative cooking solutions have always been central to us and our mission.

Our founder, Stanley K. Cheng, was already an experienced cookware manufacturer, marketer and distributor when two problems captured his imagination: how to make hard-anodized aluminum cookware easy to clean, and how to boost the durability of nonstick cookware coatings. Through commitment and determination, he discovered how to combine premium nonstick with hard-anodized cookware. Better still, he boosted the nonstick’s durability and performance by placing it on a unique cooking surface of raised circles. Problems solved: that’s Circulon.

Our circles and the innovative passion to engineer consumer cooking solutions that drove their creation have become and remain central to us: our brand, our products, our design, and our goals. Not simply because of what they achieved for Stanley, but because of what they achieve for you: making quality cooking more efficient, convenient and enjoyable, time after time.

The innovative spirit of our circles has expanded into other kitchenware products, but our core mission remains the same: make cooking easier, efficient, and more enjoyable. Three decades since Stanley’s original innovations, we’re still doing that for you.

Circulon: Circles to cook on. Circles to count on. Circles for life.

Coming soon in 2018 Circulon bakeware, and open stock cookware!