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1. To me, cookware is:


2. Non-stick cookware is:


3. Stainless steel cookware is:


4. Cleaning my cookware is:


5. My cooking surface is:


6. I store my cookware:


7. I use my cookware:


8. I would cook more often if:


9. I watch cooking shows:


10. I replace my cookware:


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10 – 18 points

You are price-sensitive and you want to make the most of your money. We don’t blame you!

Although your life does not revolve around your kitchen, when you do choose to make a necessary cookware purchase, you want to make that it will make your life easier, not more complicated. Getting the best quality for your money is easy with brands like Farberware and Silverstone.

Farberware carries with it the heritage of over 100 years in the market, and is available in both nonstick and stainless set compositions. Even more, we offer a hassle free warranty, offering you even more piece of mind and bang for your hard-earned buck!

19 – 27 points

You are a conscientious shopper, and are particular about what you bring into your kitchen. Getting a quality product is of the utmost importance, but you are also concerned with the long term picture. You want the best cookware for the best price. And, although you cherish the time you spend in the kitchen, you prefer it not be over the sink!

Enter the ever-innovative and versatile Circulon brand. Available in aluminum, hard anodized and that ever elusive stainless steel/non-stick pairing, this Meyer innovation features patented hi-low technology that allows your non-stick surface to last twice as long, and guarantees that food will not-stick! How’s that for a brand promise? Still on the fence about the safety of non-stick cookware? Find out all the real facts about cooking with non-stick.

28 – 36 points

Quality over quantity is your motto. You are a strong believer that an investment in well-made higher end product is well worth the cost. Do you hunt for bargains? Sure, but not if the quality suffers. You make calculated investments in the right pieces for your home and family, and cookware is no different.

May we introduce you then, to our collection of Anolon products. Anolon’s uncompromising pairing of quality and innovation is what has allowed the brand to remain ahead of the competition for almost 30 years. Copper based pans for optimal heat dispersion? Check. Flush mounted rivets? Check. Stainless steel or dishwasher safe hard anodized nonstick? Check, check. We know that the time you spend in the kitchen is valuable, and cooking with Anolon helps you make the most of it.

37 – 46 points

Who says fashion lives in a bedroom closet? You know better than anyone that every room in the home is an opportunity to express your style, and the kitchen is no exception! Of course, quality cookware is important, but so is personality. Out with the boring gray pans, and in with the colorful and vibrant sets! Lucky for you, we have as many options for you as there are colors in the rainbow!

Are you classic and sophisticated? Try our bronze hard anodized collection by Anolon. Want to shout out color from your stovetop? Rachael Ray’s collection give your kitchen just the right punch of color you’ve been looking for. Or, maybe you want something youthful and funky, just like you? We can assure you then, Silverstone is not your mama’s cookware. No matter your taste, personality or style, there is definitely a set in our portfolio with your name (and color) on it!