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Anolon — from hard anodized, and the suffix meaning “one” — originally offered two hard-anodized nonstick cookware collections, one for the home chef, one for the more experienced cook. Through our first years, as home cooks discovered our cookware, we solidified and strengthened our commitment to our mission, our consumers, and our products.

We selected and utilized components like top-quality aluminum and stainless steel and premium, metal-utensil-safe nonstick. We added Santoprene™ — a rubberized material — to our cookware handles for enhanced handhold, and ultimately trademarked our innovative Anolon® SureGrip® handle. As home cooks continued to expand their culinary capabilities in the years that followed, so did Anolon.


We soon recognized that home cooks require more than fine gourmet cookware, so we extended our product development and design standards to new collections: Anolon Bakeware, Anolon Cutlery, and Anolon Tools and Gadgets. From our first baking pan to each durable knife blade to our stylish, practical kitchen utensils, each new Anolon product consistently delivered craftsmanship and distinction for creative gourmet cooks and their evolving kitchen expertise.

We kept growing, learning and evolving in order to deliver the essentials for gourmet cooking to each new culinary generation. In 2009, the Anolon Nouvelle Copper collection brought the first copper-layer base to hard-anodized cookware construction. We developed and launched other cookware collections, and to our cornerstone Advanced line, we added a distinctive companion: Advanced Bronze cookware, featuring the first bronze-colored nonstick exterior.


As our years turned to decades, Anolon remained a gourmet kitchenware leader. We stay informed and experienced about cooking trends and developments, including the impact of digital culture. We maintain our focus and refine our processes to keep providing the right kitchenware for home cooks embracing principles and practices such as sustainable food sourcing and modern technologies. Heading into our next twenty-five years, we remain dedicated to continually creating and upgrading our gourmet kitchenware products with similar imagination and innovation.

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Farberware® traces its roots back to the year 1900 when S.W. Farber, a tinsmith, set up shop on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. There, in a small dismal basement shop, he pounded sheets of copper and brass into various shapes to make bowls and vases. He continued to introduce various lines of giftware and accessories throughout the years in silver-plated, nickel-plated and chrome-plated finishes.

In 1930, appliances came into the picture and S.W. Farber introduced the first Farberware percolator, thus beginning a tradition of quality and value in small appliance products that continues to this day.

S.W. Farber was an innovator in his field. In 1937, he introduced a device that kept coffee warm for hours after brewing – the “Coffee Robot.” This was followed in 1938 by the “Broiler Robot,” with a device to indicate when the product was ready to use. In 1954, he introduced a stainless steel electric fry pan with an aluminum-clad bottom and a removable probe  which gave the consumer the ability to immerse the appliance in water with the probe removed, for easy cleaning. The “Open Hearth” smokeless broiler was “born” in 1962. This was innovative in that the heating element was below the food, rather than above, as in traditional broilers of the time.

Quality, classic styling, tradition, reliability, value… these are attributes synonymous with the Farberware brand for over 100 years.  But we’ve gone one step further. We’ve taken the best of the past and combined it with the technology of today to give you the best of all worlds. So take a look at what we have to offer, and give it a try! We know you won’t be disappointed.

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With almost 30 years of innovation and experience, Circulon provides Canadians with high quality non-stick cookware. Conceived in 1985 with the revolutionary idea of hi-low groove technology, Circulon has grown to become the best-selling brand of gourmet non-stick cookware in the world. Over the years, the brand has pioneered a series of innovative cooking solutions designed to improve the everyday culinary experience of the home chef.

Please visit circuloncanada.ca to learn more about this innovative brand.

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SilverStone brings fresh kitchenware form and function home with cutting-edge design that’s ideal for today’s active lifestyles. Every product begins with top-quality materials, then gives them new technology and style, such as PFOA-free and PFTE-free ceramic nonstick and modern, eye-catching color. We give special attention to crafting BPA-free plastics, and products that are lead-free and cadmium-free so like-minded cooks can choose our products with confidence.


With innovative ceramic nonsticks in bold white and bright colors, our cookware and bakeware delivers easy food release and cleanup. The durable aluminum cookware and sturdy carbon steel bakeware construction provides dependable results time after time. From skillet to saucepan, cookie sheet to cake pan, each piece is designed to mix and match with other SilverStone products so your kitchen is set from counter to stove to oven.

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Ruffoni is the legendary Italian hand hammered cookware, stunning in appearance, and is guaranteed to be the resplendent focus of any kitchen or dining room.

Ruffoni is situated on the banks of the secluded Orta Lake in the Italian Alps, an area appropriately known as the land of the coppersmiths. In 1931, Antoni Ruffoni crafted his first copper pan, a skill and passion that he passed onto his son, Fremide.

In 1962 Fremide Ruffoni founded the Ruffoni Company. Using antique manufacturing techniques passed down from his grandfather, he continued to produce the beautiful hand hammered copperware, ensuring uniqueness and exceptional quality was achieved by devoting attention to the smallest details. With passion and work handed down from generation to generation, today the Ruffoni Company is managed by Walter Ruffoni, Fremide’s son, who continues to produce unique, exquisite cookware pieces.

Not all cookware is of such splendor that it is presented in a museum, but Ruffoni pieces are. Proud of their historic roots, the Ruffoni Company has preserved and converted the original factory into a museum, enabling visitors to visually experience the story of the Ruffoni Company. On display is Ruffoni cookware and production equipment of old, allowing the museum to be utilised as a source of inspiration for the manufacture of new and exciting pieces. Today, the production of Ruffoni is anything but typical. Ruffoni still devotedly craft their cookware using antique specialist techniques:

  • Hand hammering
  • Tinning
  • Spinning
  • Pressing
  • Mould melting

The end result is striking and it’s these traditional skills and attention to detail that allows for Ruffoni’s majestic appearance, and explicably differentiates the brand from mass produced cookware.

In forming cookware pieces using traditional master craftsmanship, Ruffoni accomplishes something not many other organisations can state – They create masterpieces, magnificent works of art that incorporate superior functionality and reflect centuries of history, experience and tradition.

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Bonjour provides high-quality, innovative coffee, tea, culinary, cookware, bakeware and stoneware products for all cooks, from the amateur to the most discerning. Each of our products is created, designed and crafted to enhance your culinary experience and to help you prepare and serve the best of the gourmet world to your family and friends.

From coffee presses, tea infusers and hot chocolate makers to innovative corkscrew systems, digital thermometers and crème brùlée kits, Bonjour has a kitchen tool to enrich our experience in the kitchen. With our ever-expanding product collection, which has grown to include dinnerware, serveware and stoneware, Bonjour has the right product to take your gourmet kitchen to the next level.

Licensed Brands

Over the years, Meyer has partnered with some of the most innovative, well-respected and popular celebrities in the culinary world in order to bring its customers the most modern and original products to the market. These collaborations have brought together the creative minds of these food masters with the technological and design capabilities of our factories to produce some of the most popular products in today’s market.

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Rachael Ray’s collection of cookware marries the practicalities of the everyday kitchen with Rachael’s unique, vibrant and unmistakable style. Each item in her vast collection reflects her personality and preferences and is inspired by Rachael’s own kitchen. Her hand-on sense of style has helped create some of the most innovative staples in her collection including the Lazy Spoon and Ladle, Sir Whisk A Lot and her oval pasta pot. Available in bright, inviting colors, as vibrant as Rachael herself, there is no doubt that bringing home a piece of Rachael’s collection is almost like bringing home a bit of Rachael.

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Master baker and renowned cake decorator, Buddy Valastro, delights fans worldwide with his irresistible charm and mouth-watering creations on TLC’s hit television series, Cake Boss. Inspired by Buddy and his creative designs, Cake Boss offers an array of products catering to home baking enthusiasts of all ages and expertise as well as those who want to experience the premium taste, flavor and unique designs of a Cake Boss creation.

Expanding into the homes of his fans, the Cake Boss has partnered with Meyer to produce a wide assortment of Cakeware products, allowing every aspiring baker to channel their inner Cake Boss right in their own kitchen. Each product in the line was carefully designed in direct collaboration with Buddy, and each item has received his personal seal of approval.