About Meyer

We are proud new owners of the Prince Edward Island factory that’s been making cookware for Canadians since 1979. Like all of our factories worldwide, our PEI factory takes exceptional pride in the quality that goes into every product we sell. We take the time and care that’s needed to make sure all of our products deliver outstanding performance in the kitchen. The vision of excellent performance and outstanding durability has helped us deliver an ever widening range of kitchen products that continue to meet our exacting standards.

Meyer Canada is the Canadian affiliate of Meyer International Holdings, Ltd. and is one of the largest and innovative cookware manufacturers and distributors in the world. With some of the most well-known and top quality brands in our portfolio, including partnerships with some of today’s most influential and popular celebrity chefs, it is clear why Meyer Canada has been a trusted industry leader for over 30 years.

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World Class Manufacturer

Our commitment to quality and innovation knows no bounds. Our cookware is manufactured by our affiliate factories around the globe all of which are governed by strict quality and production standards. We implement cutting-edge design and proprietary technology to ensure that we continue to offer our customers the most revolutionary products available.

Our wide assortment of products are designed with you and your kitchen in mind and boil down to the most fundamental concepts: the easier is it for you to create your meals, the more you can focus on what matters.

Meyer’s affiliate factories together comprise one of the world’s largest cookware operations, with factories in China, Thailand and Italy. The combined efforts of these ISO certified factories help to manufacture over 100 unique cookware lines. Over 6400 people output more than 42 million pans each year, which are distributed to over 30 countries, including Canada, the US, UK, Japan, Australia and China.

Unlikely Beginnings

Meyer Manufacturing Company Ltd. was set up in 1951 under the sole ownership of the Cheng family. Initially, its core business centered on the manufacturing and marketing of flash lights, hinges, ash trays, camping lanterns and tennis rackets. In 1971, Stanley Cheng, son of the founder and today’s President and Chief Executive, recognized the potential of the cookware business and started the production of aluminum non-stick pans. This portion of the business became so successful, other products were phased out so that Meyer could concentrate on new cookware product development.

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40 Years of Innovation

Over the course of 40 years, under Stanley Cheng’s leadership, guidance and high level of quality control, Meyer innovated and pioneered products and technologies that have today become industry standards, including being the first to market with hard anodized non-stick cookware with Anolon, the patented hi-low technology of Circulon, and the revolutionary dishwasher safe and induction suitable hard anodized cookware. Today, Meyer’s factories produce a wide assortment of cookware products in an array of compositions and materials, including enamel and polyester coated non-stick aluminum, hard anodized aluminum, stainless steel and copper.

Building on the successes of the cookware market, Meyer carefully partnered with the finest factories to expand its assortment. Since 1971, Meyer Group Ltd. and affiliates have been designing, manufacturing and marketing cookware on a global scale. Today, our portfolio has expanded to include dinnerware, flatware, stoneware, tools, gadgets, cutlery, cast iron, bakeware, Cakeware, hot beverage, and small electrical appliances.

Brand Portfolio

Meyer’s brand portfolio includes a mix of heritage and innovative brands as well as partnerships with some of today’s most respected celebrity chefs. To learn more about each of our individual collections, please visit our brands page.